The Project

Elemental is an innovative Agri-Food Tech company, developing and testing their new homogenous, sustainable organo-mineral fertiliser, ‘Thallo®’. Their circular process converts abattoir and industrial wastes into a sterile, granular fertiliser rich in minerals, micro-nutrients and soluble carbon compound to revitalise soils and bio-fortify the food chain.

Elemental received support from multiple Impact Lab partners, which enabled them to raise over £1.5 million in venture capital.  Rothamsted Research conducted a study to show that Elemental's fertiliser can contribute to phosphorus sustainability, and biofortify crops with minerals - the results of which were published in a leading social science journal.

The University of Plymouth supported Elemental's early stakeholder engagement efforts by delivering a 3D animation that communicated the technology, science and benefits to a wide target audience.  Additionally, detailed imagery and chemical analysis of the fertiliser granules by the Plymouth Electron Microscopy Centre gave further insight into the structure, properties and performance of the fertiliser.

The results of the Impact Lab's support have become important elements of Elemental's sales and marketing data, which continually enables them to advance their company and explain their market differentiation and Intellectual Property.