The Project

Elemental Digest is a Devon founded and based Agri and Food tech Company. Since 2012, Elemental Digest has been researching, developing and testing a ‘zero waste’ management process for the abattoir industry to resolve challenges with animal by products.  Using their globally patented technology, previously lost high quality meat protein and fats are now retained in the human food chain and the associated bone and other organic wastes are rapidly and safely converted into a homogenous, sustainable, organo-mineral fertiliser; rich with micronutrients for soil, plant, animal and human health.

Elemental Digest was keen to establish their ‘Thallo®’ fertiliser as a high-quality, Research & Development-based product, with traceable components. Working with Impact Lab, Elemental Digest has used expertise from Rothamsted Research to independently examine the qualities of the fertiliser, including precision application rates for selected crops; and the University of Plymouth to examine the compositional content of the product, and validate the claim that the product performs reliably due to its consistent composition.

The Team

Elemental Digest:

  • Michael Ash, Managing Director
  • Adrian Guy, Head of Chemistry

Impact Lab:

  • Dr Khalid Mahmood, Rothamsted Research
  • Sarah Fear, University of Plymouth