The Project

Aardvark is an environmental consultancy delivering tailored solutions for projects in energy and waste. One of Aardvark's services is to offer advice about potential solar farm siting and configuration. This Impact Lab project will deliver a proof of concept for a new service which would include the latest climate change forecast data into this offering.

The Approach

The project will perform analysis on the latest UK climate projections to understand if/how they are relevant to the predicted performance of solar farms over the lifetime of these assets (20-30 years).

Changes in the predominant weather behaviour for any of the following characteristics could be relevant:

  • Annual total radiation flux at ground
  • Seasonal changes to when this flux impinges.
  • Time of day changes to when this flux is strongest

This project will look at a selection of either hypothetic and/or real solar farms and asses if their predicted lifetime performance characteristics are different when based on climate projections as opposed to historical observations using PV GIS (http://re.jrc.ec.europa.eu/pvgis/apps4/pvest.php).

This project will constitute a working prototype or demonstrator of a new product that will allow for using climate information as an additional factor when considering solar farm investments.


The Team

Aardvark EM

Nick Leaney, Director

Impact Lab

Theo McCaie, Scientific Systems Manager, Met Office