The Project

AB Multimedia offers consulting services, including data cleaning, management and visualisation. They wish to develop a new data analytics service to offer to clients. The Impact Lab will support the development of this new service by helping AB Multimedia to work through a pilot project.

The Approach

AB Multimedia is involved in a project with Doncaster Airport and have a rich dataset of flight sales data. Additionally AB Multimedia have website session data for Doncaster Airport.

This project will use these datasets to develop a proof of concept service to discover relationships between weather and campaign/sales/site-visits data.

A system will be created and used to investigate if (for this dataset) there is any correlation between the sales data and prevailing weather at the time of sale or in the leadup to sale.

With this analysis done on the proof of concept datasets, the project will explore the next steps to fully commercialising this system. Understanding relationships between weather and sales/results could improve the effectiveness of future campaigns, offering AB Multimedia’s clients a better return on investment.

The Team

AB Multimedia

Marcus Bennett, Director

Impact Lab

Theo McCaie, Scientific Systems Manager, Met Office