The Project

Solar Range is developing a solar hybrid lighting system that is intelligent and programmable for street lighting and street furniture. In collaboration with Fab Lab Plymouth at Plymouth College of Art, Solar Range has designed and developed a modular lighting system to be used in a variety of exterior environments. The Solar hybrid system is being developed in response from local government procurement needs to provide a reliable year round lighting system that uses solar energy as much as possible. For nine months of the year the lighting would be fully solar powered, for the winter months there is not always enough energy gained from solar alone to provide continuous nighttime lighting, so a hybrid system is being developed to access a hardwired electrical feed.

The Approach

Solar Range are working with the Fab Lab to identify appropriate electrical components and 3D printing parts for prototyping and testing. The hybrid system is still in development, but will soon be going to market.

The Team

Solar Range

  • Jamie Wood, Director

Impact Lab

  • Ben Wheeler, Technical Researcher, Plymouth College of Art
  • Ben Mundy, Knowledge Exchange Coordinator, Plymouth College of Art