“With support from the Impact Lab, we’re very excited to be working with world-renowned Rothamsted Research and their herd in beautiful Devon.”

The Project

Impact Lab partner, Rothamsted Research, is testing a motion sensor developed by Pentalib that has been designed to understand dairy cow movement.  It is an IoT (Internet of Things) device that will monitor a cow's movement, reaction to any ectoparasites (e.g. flies), and the time she spends ruminating.  Machine Learning tools will be used to understand the cow's behaviour, and enable it to be used with farm management and weather data. 

All this can be used to develop a set of welfare standards that will greatly inform our understanding of the effects of various farming systems on cow welfare.


The Team


  • Sharon Smith, CEO

Impact Lab:

  • Dr Khalid Mahmood, Rothamsted Research
  • Dr Jordana Rivero, Rothamsted Research