PulsiV focuses on making the world’s energy work harder and smarter. The create technology to address the issues facing the energy sector today, andare keen to build a cleaner, more efficient future for all.  Pulsiv has built a prototype for their solar micro-inverter, and needed support to develop some materials that would enable them to secure investment.

The Impact Lab helped to create an animation that clearly communicates the potential of PulsiV's environmentally improved technology.  We used our expertise in data visualisation to illustrate comparative figures with industry competitors.  The Impact Lab's work also entailed developing a narrative, storyboarding, prototyping, asset creation, animation, audio recording and editing. We designed original artwork and animation that was in keeping with PulsiV's existing branding.

The animation was used in a presentation for the multi-billion-pound engineering firm Bosch, and resulted in a collaboration with PulsiV, setting the scene for future innovation within the areas of renewable energy and efficient power usage.