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We know we need to clarify what we mean by Environmental Futures & Big Data. If it’s not clear after reading this and you don’t find what you are looking for elsewhere on the site then please do get in touch.

We believe that there are significant opportunities to create value by exploiting the potential of the environmental futures and big data expertise, skills and data within the seven partners, read more at What We Offer.

Environmental Futures

Defined as the problems and opportunities arising from human activity or global trends where digital technology, big data, other disciplines and cross functional and cross institutional working can provide a viable solution.

Environmental Futures encompasses environmental sciences and covers atmospheric, terrestrial, freshwater and marine, pollution control and mitigation, meteorological sciences, climate change, ecology and environmental monitoring, impacts on ecosystems goods and services.

By its nature and as implied in the word ‘futures’, some of the problems requiring a solution are not yet known or fully understood. The nature of the problems may extend into a wide variety of sectors. This is expected and encouraged.