19th August, 2021


Join us for another event where we'll familiarise you with academic concepts, and the practical advantages that they provide to businesses and entrepreneurs.

The University of Plymouth's Dr Julian Stander will lead this session on Statistical Inference, specifically the Bayesian Approaches using R and Stan.

This is an introductory session, so no prior experience is required and everyone is welcome. But we particularly recommend it if you have a professional interest in business data and analytics.

R and Stan code will be supplied.

This type of data analysis can be valuable in many instances for businesses for example:

  • how quarterly pizza sales depend on the student population;
  • how the Standard & Poor’s 500 index depends on the Dow Jones Industrial Average;
  • how the annual sales of a sales person depends on his or her years of experience;
  • how the speed of a printer depends on its cost.

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