12th July, 2019

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Exeter Multidisciplinary Plastics Research Hub (ExeMPLaR) is pleased to invite you to attend the second workshop of the research project. The purpose of this workshop is to understand who the stakeholders in the plastics economy are, to map their motivations for the status quo and for change, and to begin to identify possible levers for change, by bringing together a range of industry practitioners, policymakers and leaders who are local to the southwest.

You will engage in a variety of activities to answer the question of “who”, “why”, and “how to change”. The role of the facilitators is to set the scene at the beginning, encourage lively discussion and then capture the best bits. By the end of the day, You will co-create a network for change that will be shared on the ExeMPLaR platform with all participants. Just to be clear, everything discussed will be treated in confidence along ‘Chatham House’ rules, and in accordance with the University of Exeter’s code of ethics.

ExeMPLAR is one of eight prestigious new research projects across the UK. The eight projects will see researchers investigating alternatives to fossil-based materials for plastics, as well as looking into the complex factors involved in the lifecycle of plastic materials, from consumers' and business' needs and behaviours, to how to use technology to reclaim or break down plastics.

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