EMAIL US by 8 November for top academics to work on your business challenge!Published: 17th October 2019

Email [email protected] by 8 November with your business issue.

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide support and advice on Data Science to businesses, the Impact Lab and the University of Plymouth's Centre of Mathematical Sciences are planning to run a study group exploring effective ways that our expertise in High Performance Computing, Data Science, Big Data and Mathematical modelling could be used to solve signi cant problems and challenges arising in industry.

We intend to organise a set of meetings along the lines of the successful European Study Group for Industry (ESGI), in which organisations will pose problems and challenges to an academic group. Academics from the University then spend a week considering the issue raised and come back with possible solutions and research paths using range of modelling and analytic approaches.

We are therefore asking a range of organisations who would be interested in proposing a problem for discussion, if this would be of interest. The proposals could be of any sort - indeed, part of the purpose of the study group is to re-formulate problems, which could be initially quite vague, into a form where they can be tackled analytically.

We are inviting you to take part in these by proposing a key problem or challenge that your organisation has or may be facing in the future. If you think that this might be of help to your organisation, we would be very happy to discuss this further.

We expect that the first study group meeting would be in December 2019, with 4 or 5 proposals chosen to be analysed by our academics.

We would hope that some of these problems would lead to signifcant progress being made and further discussion and collaboration with the University of Plymouth.