Exeter-based Milkalyser acquired by LelyPublished: 15th January 2020

Milkalyser, an Impact Lab client, has been acquired by Dutch international firm, Lely - testament to the remarkable innovation and technology that exists in the Devon area.  Milkalyser, has developed technology that provides an integrated system allowing the inline analysis of progesterone concentration in milk to understand the ovulation cycle of each cow. Milkalyser technology can predict ovulation, allowing for optimal timing of artificial insemination.

Milkalyser will continue to be based in Exeter, with a team of specialists to progress the development of their technology, in close cooperation with Lely's Research & Development.

Toby Mottram, the founder of Milkalyser, stated: “The combination of the expertise and IP build by Milkalyser combined with the great domain knowledge and experience in innovation from Lely, results in a very strong partnership that will lead to important value creation for dairy farmers

Aart van 't land, Business Development Director at Lely said: “More and more data is becoming available on the farm. Not only from our robots, but also data from feed suppliers, veterinarians, weather forecasters, insemination partners, and so on. Our goal is to make better use of this data and, with their permission, to assist farmers in their complex decision-making process. The cooperation with Milkalyser is an important step in this regard.

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