Speak at the 2019 TechExeter ConferencePublished: 25th April 2019

Would you like to speak at this year's TechExeter Conference? Apply here by 25 May.

The multi-disciplinary, grassroots tech conference from TechExeter CIC returns on Wednesday, 11 September at the University of Exeter Business School.

With three conference tracks (ranging from the not-so-technical through to the hardcore developer track), hot food catering, workshops and hands on sessions, this marks our fourth annual conference, hosted at the University of Exeter Business School and The Exeter MBA.

This year's hot topic is Security & Hacking. You don't need to be a security expert, and TechExeter welcomes talks at all levels (from the non-technical to hyper-techie), but just requests that your talk to links back to the core theme. You might talk about drones, and what happens if they get hacked; or how to build security into new website designs; or maybe you've got a digital creative project you want to share, and can also consider the implications of copyright protection online. TechExeter loves diverse ideas and creativity, so don't be afraid to apply!

TechExeter is very proud of its inclusive, community ethos, and friendly, welcoming vibe, and is passionate about representing people of all backgrounds and experiences. The team will happily provide speaker coaching to anyone who is new to public speaking (or just wants some advice), so this is a great opportunity to push yourself to try something new in a safe and supportive environment!