The Impact Lab awards three new grants to innovative companiesPublished: 10th April 2019

The Impact Lab’s ‘Innovation and Investment Panel’ has agreed the award of three new grants to help enterprises based in Devon to develop innovative products and services.

At its meeting on 25th February 2019, the Panel awarded grants to:

  • Co-cars to use tracking equipment and data analytics to better understand patterns of use of their fleet of electric cars and bicycles, to enhance their offer and encourage more people to use more environmentally-friendly modes of transport.
  • Emtec to develop algorithms to calculate real-time vehicle emissions using data produced by telematics devices.
  • Zeus Ecosphere to enable them to develop a new tool to help the construction industry to anticipate and respond to weather events.

Impact Lab grants are available to help small and medium-sized enterprises (<250 employees, based in Devon, Plymouth and Torbay), develop new products and services. If you need additional products or services to make your project successful (such as development costs, testing equipment or Intellectual Property applications), you can apply for a grant to reimburse 60% of the costs. Grant applications start at £5,000, of which you will need to provide the remaining 40%. Funds will be granted for the purchase of specific goods and services, following an approval process. Claims for reimbursement can be made as soon as these goods and services have been purchased.

For more information about Impact Lab grants, please contact us.