Exeter City Futures

Exeter City Futures is a partnership between Exeter City Council and Global City Futures, to realise a vision is for Exeter to be recognised globally as a city that has solved its urbanisation challenges and reduced social inequality in a way that contributes to economic growth.

Connecting start-ups with local government, Exeter City Futures facilitates collaborative work to explore challenges and deliver impact on energy generation/usage; matching pioneering ideas to available real-city assets to validate solutions.  The goal is to establish Exeter as a test-bed and exemplar for ‘smart cities’ elsewhere by demonstrating how data analytics can be applied to improve congestion, reduce energy consumption and improve health and the efficiency of public services in cities across the world.

Exeter City Futures supports the Impact Lab by securing and curating access to high-quality city data, free at the point of use; shaping and supporting the focus of Challenges; providing access to customers, assets, sector expertise and skills; and potential access to initial seed capital.

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