Michael Lee

Prof Michael LeeLead Principal Investigator

Michael is Head of Sustainable Agricultural Sciences at Rothamsted Research’s North Wyke Farm platform – connecting Impact Lab clients to a unique national and global research facility that is linked to real-world farming.


  • PhD, University of Aberdeen – Ruminant Nutrition
  • BSc, Aberystwyth University – Animal Science


Michael worked for the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research from 2001-2008, before the merger with Aberystwyth University where he stayed as a principal scientist and senior lecturer in animal nutrition and rumen biochemistry. In 2013, he moved to the University of Bristol as a reader in sustainable livestock systems and in 2015, he took up a joint appointment between Rothamsted Research and the University of Bristol as head of site at North Wyke, and was also promoted to Chair in Sustainable Livestock Systems.
He has published more than 190 research articles and papers. He was awarded the Sir John Hammond Memorial Prize in 2015 for services to animal science. In 2016, he was elected Vice President of the European Federation of Animal Science Livestock Farming Systems Commission.Education