Stephen HaddadScientific Software Engineer

Stephen has worked on a variety of weather and climate science projects at the Met Office, and regularly delivers events for the Impact Lab to share his expertise Data Engineering and Machine Learning. 

Stephen graduated with an MSc(Eng) from the University of Cape Town focused on Machine Learning and Computer Vision. He then spent 7 years working for startup companies, developing software for Civil and Mechanical Engineering applications, focusing on computational geometry algorithms and visualisation, before joining the Met Office.

For the CMIP6 climate project, he worked on technical development and testing of coupled climate and earth system simulations (including ocean components), plus development and operation of the system for post-processing simulation output.

Stephen also developed early versions of an interactive visualisation tool for weather and climate simulation and observation data. He has recently led an Ocean Observations project, using machine learning to fill in gaps in metadata in a key ocean osb dataset, with an emphasis on promoting open, reproducible Machine Learning research in Climate science.